Mini Project 1

Ally Auto Finance

Ally Auto is a corporate website of Ally Financial, Inc. and is used by the company’s customers to do a plethora of things, including making car payments, vehicle financing, and purchasing protection insurances. These offers are made to any car, whether it be personal or business, small car or RV. It also helps customers buy a car with dealer recommendations and financing options.


The primary audience would be Ally’s customers, but on a wider spectrum, the secondary audience could be Ally’s potential customer base, people looking for car insurance in general. the author could be, depending on your viewpoint, either the specific web designers that actually made the site, or Ally as an entity. I lean towards the latter, just because it doesn’t exactly serve the purposes of the designers, but it does serve the entity.


A screenshot of the main page, taken by Maycee Dukes


To analyze the effectiveness of the online genre conventions of the page, let’s look deeper into it. This is the front page of the website. It looks very typical of a business website, especially with the grey bar detailing the services and advantages of using Ally. The color scheme is minimalistic, but that is to draw attention to the purple logo and the ad in the middle of the screen. They also use the quiz format to draw people into clicking it–people love to hear about themselves and love the ease and fun of taking online quizzes, so it doesn’t make it seem as awful as financial business can be. The context surrounding it contributes to appealing to customers as well–there are no outside advertisements and it’s its own singular website, not just a page on a hosting site. Every piece of information is to lure people towards Ally without third-party distractions.


It is also user-friendly and easy to navigate. Members can automatically log in on the front page and don’t have to locate a tiny “Sign In” link like so many other websites have. The top menu also allows for ease-of-access to navigate between Ally’s services apart from auto.


The part of this page that is less effective is the ocean of links below this page:



Screenshots of the main page, taken by Maycee Dukes


The two boxes in the grey bar serve the same purpose as the grey bar above and are colored to attract attention to why you should join Ally or its reputation since its opening.


Personally I think the social media could be placed in the “Contact” section, because the icons, while colored, are relatively small and easy to skip over. It took me a good three or four looks before I noticed them at all. So they’re not very effective in linking customers to their social accounts.


These are all stacked on top of one another and create a footer that takes up nearly half the space of the entire page. A lot of these links are included in the top menu previously mentioned, so adding these at the bottoms makes it look cluttered and confusing to the reader. All of the links save the “Resources” and “Commercial” columns could be solely in the top menu, which would create only a single line of columns, which would be much easier for a reader to sift through.


Overall I think the Ally homepage is well-designed and effective in allowing customers, both recurring and potential, to quickly find what they need and complete the services they are requesting. However, the links in the footer need organizations and prioritization so the audience isn’t just swarmed with a blue ocean of links. It’s overwhelming and deterring.


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