Mini Project 2

Trumpy Turnblad – cr. Alex Williams via Facebook

(I knew this story from word-of-mouth, but you can read about it here.)

This project did make me think about the ethical and legal protections and restrictions of online media, specifically visual art. I had to do more extensive searching than I normally do to make sure that the photos were allowed to be reused noncommercially. I also ran into the issue of stock imagery in that, the websites say “free” everywhere, but the free version has that ugly watermark in the middle (please excuse my background) and I’m not paying for a slightly-more-clear version.

The searching got a bit annoying after a while, but I got the hang of it.

Thank God for Google’s search tools.

The remix project also made me consider how easily images can be altered to fit agendas; this is very commonly discussed in the entertainment and fashion industries, but in politics, not so much, even though it’s almost just as prevalent.

Obviously my piece is fooling no one, (maybe except for Trump’s obviously-real luscious mane…*cough*) but the fact that I could create something like this by taking multiple images and use it to promote my own ideology was entertaining, but also made me a bit introspective as I considered how likely it was that I was fooled by experts’ photoshop skills.

(The realest thing about my piece is the brick wall, to be honest.)

To me this project was almost a mix of serious photoshop and the ridiculous elements of political cartooning. I enjoyed it a lot and, even though the legal standards we discussed made it a bit difficult to access the images I wanted the most, I found it to be fun but also educating on how careful someone has to be about what they use and how they use it.


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