Midterm Reflection

  • What seems to be going well so far in your efforts to develop as a writer for the web?
    • This class has paired greatly with my journalism class, and has helped me when I’m assigned articles specifically for the web in terms of the web’s rhetoric and formatting. I’ve gained things from this class that students in my other classes don’t know, so it’s definitely given me an edge. I think overall it’s also made me a better writer, because rhetoric and the length of thoughts is so important online that it’s made me more critical of my writing and helped me work to make it more succinct and to-the-point.
  • What is giving you the most trouble so far?
    • So far I think I struggle with the multimodality of my pieces…I tend to not think past images when there are opportunities for sound or audio. Those opportunities just never seem as apparent.
  • What are you most concerned about in terms of your work in this class?
    • Similar to my last answer, just making the best use of multimodality and making my pieces engaging to an online audience.
  • How is the blog project going?
    • I like my blog visually, but I think my pieces are getting boring/repetitive, because I usually just analyze the page screenshot-by-screenshot, but I don’t know another way to cover the web page in a more engaging way.
  • What are your concerns about the multimodal project at this point? How can we ensure that that project develops into an effective piece?
    • I want to make my project more of a zine than a blog, but I’m concerned about making that difference clear, considering I’m using WordPress for my blog and my project.

As far as the goals listed at the bottom, my main concern is “learn to devise effective rhetorical strategies for texts and develop rhetorical flexibility for dealing with a wide range of writing situations.” I think I struggle a lot with rhetorical flexibility and tend to rely on formats I’ve used before to create new projects, so my work has the tendency to get bland.


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