My name is Maycee Dukes, and I am a second year Journalism major at the University of Georgia. This website’s purpose is to be a collective portfolio for the work I’ve done during my Spring 2017 course, ENGL 4832W, Writing for the Web, taught by Dr. Elizabeth Davis.

I have been interested in rhetoric since my junior year of high school, but it didn’t really transfer to online media until I arrived at university; my Journalism courses have been so web-intensive that I had no choice but to begin reworking my ideas of rhetoric into a digital space, which, as I’ve found, is entirely different from regular print rhetoric, as it encompasses visual design aspects and multimodality, rather than just purely text.

Throughout this portfolio I’d like to argue that, while the content of online writing is important, in many cases, especially in the digital age, the visual aspects of a page are oftentimes more important than the written content itself in terms of drawing an audience and counting clicks. Depending on your view this could be good or bad, but my argument is that as our writing has become increasingly digital, visual design, both in web design and graphics, has never been more important in drawing people to absorb content.

As McLuhan says, “the medium is the message,” so the visual delivery of your content creates a subtext to your writing regardless of what it is. Visual delivery influences credibility, click-ability, and depth of engagement.

This website has connections to some miscellaneous pieces I’ve done, in addition to a multimodal project, Youngov, an online publication focused on making politics relevant to younger audiences, and a blog project in which I rhetorically analyzed the visual design of online shopping sites to see which are most effective and user-friendly.