A collection of my notes and prewriting thoughts throughout the semester:

  • Digital media is…

    • collaborative
    • networked
    • accessible
  • What is “design thinking?” What are the benefits of this approach?
    • problem-solving
    • audience/user
    • flexibility of structure
    • multiplicity of ideas
    • recursive/editable/can go back/beta testing
  • Blog:
    • HOCKEY?
    • hockey/sports
    • journalism
    • sexualization of characters – fanfic
    • role of motherhood in media
    • roles of race in media
    • body in media
    • rhetoric change across platforms
    • professional and social networking
  • Immediacy and Hypermediacy
    • in the moment, not a lot of editing, unimpeded “reality,” unmediated
      • ex. “COPS”
    • immediacy gives us the sense of unmediated reality
    • reality TV
    • 24-hour news as hyper-mediated
      • multiple windows/screens

Multimodal Composing

  • has to pay attention to other modalities
  • accessibility
  • illustration/explanation
    • informative
  • form and content; a connection between the two
  • organization and use of color
    • ties into accessibility
    • segmenting text into smaller sections for increased readability
  • device-specific formatting
    • desktop vs mobile designs
  • audience awareness-attention to readers/users
    • design thinking
    • what is the actual human need?
  • don’t separate modes-the two need to be weaved together for a full experience
  • assets vs sources
    • assets: images, clips, gifs, etc.
    • source: where we got the asset from
  • sensory experiences/attention to multiple senses when appropriate
    • creating immersive texts
  • possible different ways of digitally experiencing the topic/story
    • interactivity
    • keeping engagement

Multimodal Project Ideas

Dangerous Dog Breeds

Sexual Assault in the Military

Hockey playoffs/NHL


International Censorship Laws

Fake News-Buzzfeed

Politics and Social Media

Why do people trust Buzzfeed-clickbait

You don’t go to it for news

quality vs. quantity

parody Buzzfeed format (stupid quizzes, video, etc.)